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Being charged with a crime is often the lowest point in a person's life. It can affect your job, your ability to drive, your personal relationships, your finances and your freedom. We attempt to minimize the impact a criminal charge will have on your life. At Kovac & Jones, PLLC, our Bellevue criminal defense lawyers will work to provide you with competent, compassionate and affordable legal services that accomplish your goals.
At our law firm, we feel we do several things very well.

  • Investigation — We follow every lead, check and double check the evidence and look for things that other less experienced lawyers might miss.
  • Negotiation — By preparing for a trial, we are in a better position to negotiate. We can usually get to a negotiated deal, through pretrial hearings, that is acceptable to our clients. If the client chooses to reject the deal, we are fully prepared to go to court.
  • Understanding — We understand that good people make mistakes, and sometimes people make poor decisions, and at times bad things happen to good people. We also understand that there are times when a person is unjustly accused. We have compassion for our clients and understand the stress a criminal charge places upon them.

Criminal Defense in Washington State or Federal Court

At Kovac & Jones, PLLC, our attorneys defend clients charged with misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors or felonies. The types of cases we handle on a regular basis include:

  • Assault or assault and battery, including domestic violence

  • Burglary or breaking and entering

  • Driver's license suspensions for DUI or gross misdemeanor traffic violations

  • Drug crimes, including possession and trafficking


  • Embezzlement

  • Fraud, including credit card fraud and identity theft such as using a fake ID

  • Theft/shoplifting

Washington Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic tickets can be more than a nuisance. They can affect your insurance rates and in some cases, such as driving without a valid license if you have a commercial driver's license (CDL), they can affect your employment. Many traffic violations are routine matters. We represent clients with traffic violations that are infractions, misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors.

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